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Welcome to the Euhofa International Website, 
Euhofa International is a prestigious association of hotel school directors and deans of hospitality colleges and universities who work continuously to ensure the highest quality of education in their institutes. 
The international hotel school association Euhofa International started in 1955 and has grown since then. Today there are 200 members worldwide.
There are a lot of benefits of a membership within the Euhofa International association: 
Taking part in the yearly congress with high class academic input as well as visits and insights to member schools, colleges and universities for a member rate is one of them. Networking on an international level, having access to the „member´s only“ section of the website and joining collaborative projects as well as new possibilities for exchanges or special offer of top-up programmes are further options.  You also have access to information about the latest hospitality relevant developments in our institutes.

Our next congress -  the 54th Euhofa International World Congress - will be organized by the team of the Hotelfachschule Berlin, Germany. The congress team will put together a high standard programme.

Please reserve the date:  8th - 13th November 2015
Place: Berlin, Germany
The congress with the theme „New Trends - New Brands“ focuses on the latest developments in the city of Berlin and its impact on the economy as well as the hospitality education.  There will be a good balance between lectures, discussions, workshops as well as visits. Please go to the congress website for further information.

If you want to have more information about EUHOFA International please read the „Why join Euhofa“ at the end of this page.
If you think your organization would benefit from a membership and would be eligible to join, please fill in the registration form.
If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me or the general secretary.
Maria Wiesinger, 
President Euhofa International



WHY JOIN EUHOHFA International?


Beijing Foreign Affairs school founded in 1980 and it has been named the first batch of national key vocational schools, the national advanced unit after more than 30 years unremitting efforts of several generations. Since the school occupies a higher development platform, it is necessary to  seek a bigger development space to realize the  internationalization. Hotel management and service is our leading professional which requires more international vision, and draw lessons from leading hotel management schools and universities all over the world to develop itself. School sets as their educational objective the attainment of national and international reputation and  is making a great leap by implementing its internationalization. EUHOFA International is a prestigious association of hotel school directors and deans of hospitality colleges and universities who work continuously to ensure the highest quality of education in their institutes. Being a member of EUHOFA provides the opportunity of networking on international level and new possibilities for exchanges of top programs. So in 2010, our school applied to join the EUHOFA, becoming the first member of mainland China. School sets as their educational objective the attainment of national and international reputation.

Mrs. Tian Yali
General Manager - Beijing Foreign Affairs School - Beijing - China
Full Member EUHOFA International since 2011

As my friend and EUHOFA board member Martin Dannenmann told me at the time, “with this group, in the beginning you start out on the outside but year after year of being involved you move more and more toward the center.”  He could not have been more right.  For the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute(EI), EUHOFA membership has been invaluable as it has allowed us to network with the directors of the top hotel schools in Europe.  The relationship however has not just been one sided, we have added value to EUHOFA membership by introducing members to innovative new programs such as the STR Global Certified Hotel Industry Analytics and Trip Advisor Reputation Management trainings.  As a member and sponsor we look forward to our future involvement with EUHOFA and to continuing our patch towards the center, in ways of business but also friendship.

Mr. John S. Lohr, CGSP
Education and Training Consultant Europe - American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute - Orlando, FL - United States
Sponsor EUHOFA International since 2012

"EUHOFA International is a big family with lots of friends"
"You can get international contacts which are useful for your students – student exchange"
"EUHOFA helps to start projects together and allows a perfect network worldwide with top class hotel schools – quality improvement and curriculum development"
"...offers good quality congresses"
" can always learn something new"

Mrs. Gun Mariet Nieminen
General Manager - Ravintolakoulu Perho Helsinki Culinary School Perho - Helsinki - Finland
Full Member EUHOFA International since 2002



Founding of the Association
In 1955 a group of directors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland felt the need to get together in order to exchange ideas and experiences gained in the field of professional training for careers in the hotel and catering industry.

Expansion on a worldwide basis
In 1974 EUHOFA became a consultative member of the Council of Europe. It adopted new statutes sanctioning its expansion on a worldwide basis and became EUHOFA INTERNATIONAL.

EUHOFA INTERNATIONAL is a non-profit association. It is governed by statutes and administered by a committee.

The association contibutes to the constant improvement and progress of hospitality training and promotes the achievements of its members. It undertakes appropriate action in order to promote and improve professional education. It is in regular contact with organizations connected with the hospitality industry.

More than 140 hotel schools, colleges and universities including the best known, are represented by their directors who are full members. There are about 55 associate members, who are involved with training in the tourism sector. If one also takes into consideration the non-voting and honorary members, no less than 45 countries from all 5 continents are represented within the association.

Powerpoint & EUHOFA Flyer


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